You are invited to attend the Mel Floyd School of Evangelism held at Calvary Memorial Church, 7200 Roosevelt Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA 19149.(Near the Corner of Cottman Avenue
and Roosevelt Boulevard)

(215) 849.2154


Call (215) 849.2154download application, or Apply Online. Absolutely no children under 12 years of age are permitted to attend.
March 31, 2023


  • BEGINSApril 6, 2023
  • ENDSMay 25, 2023
  • Thursday Evenings6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

THE MEL FLOYD SCHOOL OF EVANGELISM is dedicated to recruit and train hundreds of Christians to carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ into their neighborhoods, cities, states and everywhere they go.

49th Class Information

Thursday Evenings
April 6, 2023 - May 25, 2023

Application deadline
Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Purpose of The Mel Floyd School of Evangelism

To teach each student the most skillful and effective way to witness and lead others to the Lord Jesus Christ as they go forth carrying out the Great Commission. (Matthew 28:18-20)

To Become a Successful Christian Soldier, one must be:

⦁ Physically Fit

⦁ Adequately Trained

⦁ Certified for Combat


⦁ Learn How to Overcome Your Fear of Witnessing

⦁ Learn How to be a Personal Witness

⦁ Learn the Art and Skill of How to Reach Children With the Gospel

⦁ Learn the Art and Skill of How to Reach Domestic Violence Victims

⦁ Learn the Art and Skill of How to Reach Drug Addicts and Street Gangs

⦁ Learn the Art and Skill of How to Reach the Homeless With the Gospel

⦁ Learn the Art and Skill of How to Reach Muslims

⦁ Learn the Art and Skill of One to One and Door to Door Witnessing

⦁ Learn the Art and Skill of Using the Correct Scripture for Evangelizing

⦁ Learn the Art and Skill of Winning Souls to Jesus Christ in Minutes

⦁ Learn the Art and Skill of Selecting The Right Tracts to Pass Out

⦁ Learn How to Shut Down a Drug Corner and Drug House

The Ministry of Mel Floyd: 1966 – 2016

⦁ Served as Full-time Resident Supervisor for Teen Haven – 1966-1970

⦁ Won to the Lord over 6,000 city gang members 1968-1975

⦁ Held Biblical Counseling Courses each year since 1994

⦁ Passed out well over 2 million Gospel tracts since 1966

⦁ Won to Jesus Christ over 50,000 young people in youth crusades

⦁ Held over 600 school assemblies, addressing over 500,000 students

⦁ Held over 429 Street Meetings since 1981 resulting in over 18,000
souls won to the Lord

⦁ Held Relationship Seminars for married couples and singles each week
from 1970 to 2010

⦁ Passed out over 500,00 Gospel tracts at The Greek Picnic on South
Street, Unity Day on the Parkway during the Christmas and Easter
holiday seasons and at major intersections in the city of Philadelphia and
suburban areas

⦁ Won thousands of male and female prison inmates to the Lord since 1970

Mel Floyd School of Evangelism is a ministry of Neighborhood Crusades, Inc.

School Office  
4934 Greene Street
Philadelphia, PA 19144
(215) 849-2154

Classes are held at the following location
Calvary Memorial Church
7200 Roosevelt Boulevard
(Near the Corner of Cottman Ave. and Roosevelt Blvd.)
Philadelphia, PA 19149

Mailing Address  
P.O. Box 4252
Philadelphia, PA 19144
Fax: (215) 842-0322 

Neighborhood Crusades, Inc.


(215) 849.2154  /  (215) 849.2111
4934 Greene Street - Philadelphia - PA